One mistake pitch here, one close play there and a wiffle championship can be won or lost.Single elimination, that is the way to do a wiffle playoff.  All it takes is bang-bang play at first-base (Bells just beating Ford to first, pictured right) or a solo homerun in extra’s and a  new wiffle champion can be crowned.

After years with no playoffs, the FWL has now properly  “crowned” a new king of wiffleball.

And it may not be who you think…


GAME ONE – THE PLAY-IN GAMEPatrick’s Dewolf  team battles it out with his new rival C and his Dayton Drunks.  At the end of the season, Patrick was swinging a hot bat and C was throwin’ junk.  Those trends continued on into the playoffs as Patrick ate up C’s cooking with an 11 – 3 shit kicker.  Patrick advances to the divisional championships.


Bells against Ford; with all of the smack talk before this one, it had to happen.  Call it their “wiffle destiny”.  Bells had never beaten Ford in a one-on-one before this game.  Click this clip and download the brief highlights.  Pay special attention to how close the last play is.  That tag at first, along with a couple solo homeruns, gave Bells the long awaited victory over Ford and a trip to the championship game.


Lance plays his first playoff game against, fittingly, another newcomer to the league, Patrick.Even coming off a decisive win against Dayton earlier in the day, Patrick’s Dewolf team was an underdog.

Turns out the odds makers were right as Lance used a couple key hits (that managed not to get captured on the lame video set-up the league owns), to beat Patrick 7 – 0and ease on to the championship, pitted against the hot-armed Bells and his Barstow Boozers.

FWL CHAMPIONSHIP GAMEEverything a championship game should have: quality players playing a tight game. 

Dueling no-hitters went on until the late innings as every pitch meant life or wiffle death.  Finally, in the top of the 8th, Bells ends Lance’s shut-out with a solo homer, then goes into the bottom of the inning with a one run lead and Ace Of Spades stepping on the mound.

Bells’ “Ace” closer made quick work of Lance as he struck him out to win the 2005 wiffle championship.There was a brief pause as everybody was in sudden shock that the season was now over and the celebrating could begin.

Finally, there was a champion.

Finally, a season with closure.

Finally, everybody could drink.

It was a great playoffs and a great season.  Congratulations to Bells and everybody who played this year.  Hopefully next year Dustin can come out more and Derek and Los will play again.

Maybe there will even be more new players.  Check back to the site for any such off-season news along with a awards special and a season review by the comish.  And make sure to listen to the championship PODCAST along with the coming soon podcast of C talking about the FWL on local Fresno radio.  Also don’t forget the playoff stats,the COLUMNISTS page (with a new one by JK) and the open-all-year forum.

2005 playoffs, thank you everyone for a killer day…FWL FOREVER, MAN.

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