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  • AUDIBLE WIFFLE PODCAST :  It’s like a radio show but it’s for your computer or mp3 player.  If you’ve ever wondered what these guys sounded like – what the hell is wrong with you?  Still, you can click the link and check it out.


       You Tube Channel :  Everyone else is posting crap on YouTube, why not us?

  • Gotta Run.wmv: C tries to convince Bells to come play in the FWL playoffs.
  • Superboring.wmvCheck out this raggin league SuperBowl party.
  • Anyonethere.wmv: C still wants to play some wiffle.  Bells and Ford have no interest.  Yes, its the same joke as “gotta run” but ,hey, this one has a baby.
  • LeagueCommercial.rm:  It’s a couple years old but the themes still hold true today (Not safe for work kids.  Yea that’s right it’s raw!).
  • Merrydays.wmvLeague stars Lay It Down and Thundersruck give everyone a nice holiday message.
  • July4thclip.rm :  Footage of league players goofin’ on the 4th.  We tried to play wiffle but, you know, there was beer and stuff.
  • Fourth.rm :  Even more footage of kickin’ fireworks and pissin’ people off.
  • Bellsniteowl.rm If you have ever wondered what it takes to be a wiffleball player, wonder no more.  Bells tells ya while having some beer in the famous Nite Owl down in Pacific Beach.
  • Clips.rmActual highlights of us playing wiffleball and it’s not all that exciting…I don’t know what to think about that.
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  • Do you have a question or comment about our video?  Maybe you have a suggestion on a ‘skit’ we could do?  What is your favorite clip?   Post a message in our MESSAGE FORUM and let us know about it!

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